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Perfect Wood Species For Indoor Staircases

28 September 2018

The wood species you choose in your bespoke staircase is arguably one of the most important decisions you’ll make throughout the process.

Here we’re taking a look at what types of wood make for perfect stairs and why, to help give you an idea what wood species you should choose, should a new wooden staircase be appealing to you. 


Birch is a fantastic cost-effective option for a wooden staircase, and you can achieve a unique finish, as it looks terrific when painted to any RAL colour of your choice. This is due to the natural timber characteristics and porosity, allowing paint to be absorbed effectively. Not only does it look great, but it’s also durable, making Birch an excellent option for indoor stairs!

Solid Birch sample


Oak is a popular choice for indoor stairs and with good reason. Featuring a delightful orange-yellow hue and an interesting swoosh grain pattern, it looks brilliant with a polished, oiled or lacquered. It also takes to stain exceptionally well, allowing for a further variety of finishes, and if you prefer a rough, rustic aesthetic, oak is a great option to achieve this, using a brushed finish. It’s also an extremely practical option, as it is strong, long-lasting and resistant to mould and fungal attacks.

Solid Oak sample


Ash has a beautiful light colour with a fine lightly-wavy grain. It is remarkably durable and strong, making it perfect for stairs. Similar to oak, it looks brilliant with a brushed finish for a rustic look, matched perfectly with its light colour. It also looks superb polished prior to finishing, for a more clean, smooth look. Again, another aesthetic that looks superb owing to its natural light colour. Similarly to oak, ash can also be stained or varnished to a variety of shades. 

Artistic White Ash sample


A naturally dark wood, with an attractive reddish, brown colour, cherry is a popular choice for many applications, particularly stairs. Featuring a beautiful grain pattern, that looks amazing when finished with lacquer or natural oil. However, it isn’t unheard of to have it stained for an even darker grain.

Solid Cherry sample


For a more luxurious option, walnut hardwood is perfect. A naturally dark timber, featuring an impressive wavy grain pattern, it looks its best with a natural oil or lacquer finish - you wouldn’t want to spoil the natural beauty with paint! This timber is an exceptional choice for those looking for a dark statement staircase, owing to the timbers gorgeous natural colour. The hard, strong and durable properties of walnut make it long lasting, great for an indoor staircase that will look stupendous for many of years.

Solid Walnut sample

Of course, there numerous other species of wood not featured on this list, and we recommend looking into all options before you decide on the finished product. Regardless of the type of wood you choose, here at WoodenStairs we only use Grade A timbers in our staircases, which is the highest quality you can purchase. So you can be assured that we’ll provide you with a stunning staircase that you’ll be proud of.

What are your favourite species of wood when it comes to stairs or furniture? Let us know through our social channels! Also, be sure to check out the benefits of wooden staircases to see the true potential that could be added to your home. If a lack of space is putting you off, you might find choosing the perfect set of stairs for your small space is easier than you originally thought.

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