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The Benefits of Wooden Staircases

12 June 2018

Creating the perfect staircase can transform your space, add value to your home and be a real wow-factor for you and your guests. A set of bespoke wooden stairs is a fantastic option, adding a touch of freshness, functionality and natural beauty. Here are five benefits of choosing a wooden staircase to help to make your design decisions a little easier:

A set of custom built wooden stairs

1. Aesthetic

Wooden staircases are undeniably beautiful, as well as versatile in any space, be it an office, a home, a gallery or any other area. The freshness of a wooden finish is a trend that will never fall out of fashion, making the most of the natural beauty and bringing an aspect of the outdoors in. With a wide selection of timbers available to craft a staircase, there is a colour to suit every taste, be it European Oak, Beech, Birch, Maple, Mahogany, Wenge or Zebrano. Although a beautiful all-wood option is often preferred, many opt to incorporate glass panels, steel bannisters or artistically wrought irons to add a modern twist.

Not only does the material of wood itself make a statement, but also a bespoke design will ensure that your space is perfectly catered for, whether you’re in need of a storage solution or a statement feature. Opt for a minimalistic style with a straight, flating zigzag staircase, or veer towards a look of grandeur with a helical stair depending on your personal needs. The possibilities are seemingly endless and span far beyond those available in other materials such as concrete. 

2. Durability

Wooden stairs are renowned for being hardwearing and durable, giving them invaluable longevity. Here at WoodenStairs, all of our bespoke products are made from the highest quality timbers (Grade A) meaning that they are made to last. Paired with specially designed coatings and varnishes, your staircase will be protected from a number of scuffs, age marks and spillages. The ease of cleaning makes these stairs easy to maintain (unlike carpeted alternatives that will soak up a multitude of sins that you’ll never be rid of), leaving you to enjoy this feature of your home worry-free for many years to come.

3. Added Value

A wooden staircase will often add value to your property, which certainly isn’t a bad thing, especially if you’re planning on selling the property at some point. The timeless style, durability and beauty will certainly help you to sell in the future and may add enough value to gain a return on your initial investment further down the line.

4. Uniqueness

The material of wood is truly unique. Each tree tells its own story within the grain, which paired with the bespoke nature of our wooden staircases, creates something that is individual to your project. Here at Wooden Stairs, our bespoke services allow us to design something to your needs. If you’re restricted on space, have a particular plan in mind or are struggling to make a decision, get in touch with one of our experts who are always on hand to guide you through the process.

5. Versatility

Investing in a set of wooden stairs doesn’t always mean that you have to embrace the natural finish; you can opt to add colour in the form of specialist paints or a rustic finish achieved on brushed and varnished solid hardwood. You aren’t limited on the style possibilities, as they act as a perfect base for wherever your renovation project may take you. 

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