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Famous Stair Scenes in Movies

20 September 2018

Over the years there have been some iconic movie scenes involving stairs. In this blog, we’re taking a look at some of the most iconic stairs and movie scene featuring stairs seen on the big screen!

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And without further ado, here is our list!

Stone steps


Arguably the most well-known entry on this list, the ‘Rocky Steps’ from the classic movie – Rocky. The Rocky Steps outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art have been labelled as one of the most visited filming locations in the world, with tourists visiting the iconic steps and accompanying Rocky statue daily. It really is an “I’ve been there!” location, and visitors are notoriously known to recreate the famous scene from the movie.


This thought-provoking scene from the film Inception features an optical illusion staircase known as the Penrose Stairs. The scene depicts the characters Arthur and Ariadne within a dream walking a never-ending staircase, with every landing leading to another set of stairs. While this scene is puzzling, to say the least, there are other scenes that follow which are even more perplexing!

Spinning top on a wooden table

Home Alone

The Home Alone movies are known for their unique ways of ‘dealing’ with burglars, some of which involving stairs! Such as the classic scene where one of the robbers, Daniel Stern, is met with a paint bucket to the face; which subsequently results in him flying down a staircase. The wild imaginative ways Kevin McCallister uses the home’s interior and furniture to create booby traps for the unsuspecting robbers is amazing. If you’ve seen the first movie, you’re also sure to remember Kevin sledging down the staircase. As fun as this may seem, however, we strongly don’t recommend recreating the scene yourself!

Harry Potter

There are a few noteworthy stairs and scenes involving stairs from the Harry Potter film series - the most notable, of course, being Harry’s bedroom located in the cupboard under the stairs at his auntie and uncle’s home. This tiny ‘room’; commonly used as a small storage space, is barely big enough to fit his bed. This cupboard under the stairs is seen in the first movie, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, where Harry is locked in the small space as a punishment and more notably seen as the address on the invitation Harry receives to attend Hogwarts.

Another noteworthy scene that takes place on stairs is from the last film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, where we see a desperate Ron and Hermione fleeing from a snake down a crumbling marble staircase, to later be saved from an unlikely hero - we won’t spoil the rest!

Never ending stairs


Last but not least, we’re looking at another film that features a never-ending staircase, this time from the movie Labyrinth. This iconic film featuring the late David Bowie is adored by many, and if you’ve seen the movie, you’ll recall the scene with the never-ending staircase. This, of course, is where Sarah, played by Jennifer Connelly, runs around in her continued search for her baby brother around the Labyrinth, but to no avail.

And that concludes our list, what famous movies scenes involving stairs did we miss out? Let us know through our social channels.

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