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5 Famous Staircases

02 July 2018

Throughout time, staircases have evolved to meet the needs and demands of society. From being used as a defence mechanism in war to guiding civilians over obstacles, there are a plethora of exceptional staircases through time that have cultural significance today.


Below, we’ve included a list of some of our must-see staircases across the globe. From sightseeing favourites to religious experiences, discover the past of some of the most famous stairs throughout time with our helpful guide !


The Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy

Across Italy’s capital, there are a plethora of sights for you to gaze upon. In a city that has a rich and varied history, there are monuments at every turn, making it the perfect destination to visit! However, many tourists flock to Rome every year and perch upon the Spanish Steps, not recognising their cultural significance or understanding their backstory. The stairs include 135 steps and is the widest staircase in Europe. If you’re planning on visiting the steps, it is important to note that you’re forbidden from eating here in an attempt by the government to keep them clean. At the foot of the Spanish Steps sits the Spanish Embassy, located on Piazza di Spagna. Since their construction in 1725, they have become a renown place for people to visit to people watch, as they’ve provided perfect views out over the surrounding areas. Previously, this was a hotspot for artists to linger, as many beautiful Italian’s would walk past, providing muses for photographers and painters alike.


Bramante Staircase, Vatican City, Italy

The smallest state in the world, Vatican City, is home to the Bramante Staircase. The name is actually given to two separate sets of stairs, both that are housed in the Vatican Museums, however built at separate times. The first was created in 1505 and can be found in the Pio-Clementine Museum. Created form an order by Pope Julius II, the museum was to hold collections from Ancient Greece and the Romans. The staircase is an intricate, beautiful piece of architecture that has been crafted from stone into its spiral design. The double-helix shape was previously never seen before and was built years before the discovery of the double helix.


Bom Jesus do Monte, Tenões, Portugal

Bom Jesus do Monte in Portugal is a pilgrimage site visited by hoards of people annually. Carved out of a dark granite, the staircase has been decorated with white plaster, allowing the fantastic architecture and designs to pop. Known as The Sacred Way, the stairs lead to Bom Jesus, a sanctuary placed at the top of the hill. Although there are no saints associated with the sanctuary, it has been a popular pilgrimage site since it’s completion in 1811. In order to get to the top, pilgrims must ascend the 577 steps, although some choose to climb these on their hands and their knees in order to emulate the suffering of Jesus.


Pailon del Diablo, Banos, Ecuador

With a name like The Devil’s Cauldron, it’s only right that this natural wonder has a frightening set of stairs to accompany it! Carved into the rock, the narrow set of steps allows tourists to gain a great, panoramic view of the waterfall, with small observation platforms cut out at regular intervals. In addition to the steps being incredibly steep, they’re also uneven and often covered with fog from the passing water, meaning that anyone who wishes to tackle these should do so with caution!


Chand Baori, Abhaneri, India

Perhaps one of the famous sets of stairs in the world, Chand Baori in Abhaneri, India, is also one of the largest! Considered a hidden secret due to it being hard to find, this type of staircase, known as a stepwell, is synonymous with the country. Otherwise known as baori, it dates back as far as the 8th century and contains 3,500 steps, taking people down to the water at the base. The Chand Baori is a beautiful piece of architecture thanks to its geometric design, with each step reflecting the light differently to create an illusion.


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