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Christmas Interior Décor Ideas

13 December 2018

It’s that time of year again. The days are getting colder, the nights are longer and darker, and the streets are full of coloured lights. Christmas is here, and almost everyone is getting into the festive spirit! This is always an exciting time of the year, and along with the presents and food that are synonymous with December, this celebration also gives everyone an excuse to decorate their homes with all manner of Christmas-inspired items.

However, Christmas doesn’t mean you have to dust off those old jewels and clutter your home with shiny trinkets. If you’re still searching for some winter inspiration, take a look at some of the latest design trends that are filling homes across the world this Christmas.


Pastel or Gothic Colours

For a modern look, steer away from the classic colours of red, white and green this Christmas. This year has seen a surge in popularity for softer tones in the home, and now it appears that pastels have moved from fashion to décor. Filling your winter home with a fun mix of light pinks and blues will add youthful energy to your space, while also keeping a muted undertone that allows your home to stand out, even when surrounded by tinsel and fairy lights.

However, this Christmas, in particular, is about more than just light pastel colours. If you want something more sophisticated, then opt for a darker, slightly gothic colour tone. Dark shades of blue and cherry-red create a sense of fashion in the cold winter. Combining greys and blacks with splashes of traditional Christmas colours will help them to stand out and retain that cosy winter feel.

Pink snowflake decorations on a snow-covered Christmas tree


Neutral Trees

Neutrality is a theme running through on-trend Christmas interiors this year, and that includes the centrepiece for most homes, the Christmas tree. A minimalist approach to decorations works particularly well with a bare, natural Christmas tree; however, the effect can be achieved with any tree style. By being a little less over-the-top with traditional decorations and allowing the tree itself to stand out, you will create a classic and homely feel in your living space. A Christmas tree with delicate tinsel, frost, and a few, sparingly applied fairy lights are all you really need.


Wabi Sabi

A style derived from Japan, wabi-sabi is a worldview that revolves around the acceptance of imperfections and is one of the hottest trends, not just for Christmas but also going into 2019. Essentially, wabi-sabi is all about imperfect decorations, a mixture of minimalist design and gothic aesthetics that creates a beautiful winter paradise, perfect for this time of year.

There are many examples of wabi-sabi décor out there, and it is effortless to do. Using rough barks or the branches of a Christmas tree can help to create an exciting dark style, perfect for a mantlepiece or dining table, while textured decorations, such as an untidily woven star or worn-down wreath can help bring together classic traditions and modern style in a way that feels original.

Small brown and blue plant pots

Scandinavian Simplicity

Offering an alternative to wabi-sabi is a seemingly evergreen trend that looks set to return this Christmas. Scandinavian minimalist style has been popular for many decades and looks set to be given a rebirth over the Christmas period. A fashion that works particularly well in homes with a minimalist wooden staircase design, the Scandinavian aesthetic is easily added to any home by the inclusion of clear colour tones – greys and whites particularly – and sparing, careful use of ornaments. Consider incorporating both wabi-sabi and Scandinavian styles into your home this Christmas for a truly unique style.

Hopefully, these trends will help inspire you to create something special in your home this Christmas. If you’re interested in revitalising your home for the New Year, why not consider replacing your old staircase with something new, that fits your tastes and your new décor? Get in contact with the team at WoodenStairs today, to see what we could create in your home.

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