Stair Designing

At WoodenStairs we are using a dedicated, stair-specific design software to achieve even the most complex and unique stair models. The software is routinely being upgraded allowing even better manipulation at increased functionality. Combined with our 3D Flexijet Laser measuring system we are able to produce infinitely adjustable, incredibly complex and precise stair layouts and stair constructions.  

Our stair designing method can be applied to all our wooden stairs, but also to stairs that incorporate steel frames or supports. Whether it is a modern staircase design or a traditional timber staircase, whether it is curved or straight, the process is always the same. All our stairs are bespoke, made to order and to measure, therefore each design is unique to its dimensions, layout and the stair model within it.      


We only work with the top staircase design software- Compass 10



You can see your beautifully designed staircase from every angle
before production to ensure your stairs are exactly as you require. 



 One of our designers working with Compass 10

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