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The History of Staircases

Throughout history, staircases have played an important role. Their evolution has taken them from tree stumps carefully slotted together to impressive architectural wonders that become a real focal point in the building in which they’re housed. Taking a look back through time, their historical timeline dates back thousands of years, with their origins remaining unknown to this day.

27 June 2018see more

Interesting Facts About Stairs

Stairs are an integral part of your home. With an interesting history due to their various purposes, we have composed a list of a few of our favourite stair facts!

20 June 2018see more

The Benefits of Wooden Staircases

If you’re planning on updating or replacing your stairs, there can be a lot to think about in terms of materials, styles and functions. A staircase can be multifunctional, and it is often one of the most used features of the home but is often overlooked or undervalued as an asset.

12 June 2018see more

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