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Tips for Creating Statement Stairs

20 December 2018

For many homeowners, especially in modern homes, style is important. After all, the house is an extension of the owner, and it’s right that people want their home to represent their personal flair, not just for their guests but also for the people that live there every day. It is crucial, therefore, that the home has a sense of individuality and uniqueness running through its interior design, something that accentuates the décor and brings that wow-factor to everyday life.

Many modern homeowners can create a unique style through their home in a myriad of ways, from personal decorations to new wallpapers and light fittings, and so on. However, even the most seasoned home decorator can have trouble when it comes to creating a vibrant staircase. With care and attention, however, it is possible to not only style your staircase but turn it into an eye-catching focal point in the room. Take a look at some of our suggestions to help you create the perfect statement staircase for your home.


Contrasting Styles

Creating a statement piece is all about being brave with design, so if you are looking for a new staircase for your home then why not consider changing its style? By creating a staircase that contrasts with the feel of the room you are immediately creating a new and exciting focal point for its space. As there is a fine line between creating unique structures and creating staircases that just don’t fit with the rest of the room, we would suggest involving a professional stair designing company at an early stage. Speaking with experienced designers and brainstorming the possibilities of creating an eye-catching feature is a fantastic way of kick-starting the project and creating the impressive staircase you’ve always dreamed of.

If you have a traditional space, incorporating a unique staircase design can add an element of expression and style while also allowing the new stair to stand out. Alternatively, adding different materials such as glass or metal into a predominantly wooden room will help create impact in an otherwise plain space.

White curved stairs with black handrails by WoodenStairs


New Colours

An effortless way of allowing your staircase to stand out is by adding new colours into it. This creates a visible contrast between the stair and its surrounding space, which in turn helps it to become more of a focal point. Thankfully, the options in this department are limitless and will likely depend on the form of the staircase, the style of the room and, most importantly, the taste of the homeowner.

If you are looking at changing a small staircase used predominantly by younger members of the family – such as the stairs to a loft conversion bedroom – then don’t be scared to incorporate bright and vivid colours. Bright colours on stairs, when used sparingly, can help to create a real sense of energy that carries into the room. However, for larger staircases, you can achieve a similar effect by taking advantage of simple contrasts such as black-on-white.


Compliment the Stair

While complimenting the staircase may sound like the opposite of allowing it to stand out, this is actually an important aspect of creating statement stairs. If you are genuinely looking for your staircase to be the focal point in the room, then support that with the interior décor style that surrounds it.

It’s widely known that good design will take people’s eyes on a path through the room, so make sure that all decorations, patterns and statements take guests on a journey towards the staircase. If you have new, stunning hardwood stairs in your property, don’t be scared to include other wooden objects in the vicinity so long as they help to draw eyes to the stair structure. By fully committing to your new statement stairs, you will make your interior design dreams a reality.

Modern Oak stairs with glass by WoodenStairs

These are just ideas to help your staircase stand out and, in turn, upgrade the entire interior design of your home! If you are living in a modern property and are considering a subtler design, take a look at our guide on creating a minimalist style with stairs.

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