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How to Update Your Hallway

04 June 2018


This summer, why not give it a well-deserved makeover? Transforming the space to keep it up-to-date will provide it with a new lease on life, so if you’re planning a new set of beautiful bespoke wooden stairs, this will allow them to stand out even further!



As the entrance to your home, your hallway can often gather a collection of coats and shoes that have been discarded at the end of a long day; throwing these in a pile on a chair or overloading coat hooks can make this space seem smaller. Ditch the clutter by introducing a new, smarter method of organisation for this area. A shoe rack placed beside the door prevents shoes from littering the floor, keeping it tidy and stopping anyone from tripping over a stray trainer. Additionally, a decorative coat rack can stand proudly in the corner and often provides more space in comparison to hooks attached to the wall.



If you’re looking to transform your hallway, one of the easiest ways to make a statement, is by switching up the flooring. From a rustic wooden laminate to a geometric-patterned tile, the possibilities here are endless. If you’re looking to inject some personality into your hallway, this is a fantastic way to do so, especially if you’ve got a smaller space. Keeping the walls neutral and opting for an exciting pattern opens up space, giving the illusion of a grander hallway.



If you’re considering a more muted colour palette in your hallway, make sure you accessorise with a splash of colour. Exciting prints, lavish vases and multicoloured flowers don’t take up too much space but allow you to add some of your personality to the room. Place some of your favourite photos in intricate frames and use them to create a gallery wall, or curate a stack of your favourite books on a bureau for a display that can be easily swapped out with each season.



Selecting the right colour for your entrance corridor can be challenging; hallways often lack windows, and with a plethora of doors using up a lot of the wall space, darker shades can make the area seem oppressive. If you opt for a neutral colour scheme, the room can appear more substantial, drawing your eye to your staircase, making it a focal point. Also, now is the time to consider what you’re going to do with your doors. If they have been previously painted, a new lick of paint will rejuvenate them. Swapping your doors entirely for a new option made from a similar wood to compliment your staircase could be another option.



The lighting in your hallway is essential. This space can often seem dark, especially if it lacks windows, so make sure that you have illuminated this area as much as possible. For those of you who have a slightly bigger space, opt for statement lighting, such as a pendant light. These also work exceptionally well if your ceiling is somewhat higher, as they fill up some of the space. If you have a smaller hallway, spotlights provide a reasonable level of lighting while not making it seem too cluttered.

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