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How to Do Straight Stairs Right

29 November 2018

Often when it comes to designing a new set of stairs for your home, people jump to extravagant solutions first. Dreams of statement spiral or helical staircases in unique modern materials fill our heads, causing us to forget the fact that the stair, first and foremost, has an important purpose. In the end, despite all these fantastic designs, many people are choosing to stick with the original style – the seemingly effortless straight staircase.

However, there is still a skill when it comes to getting the perfect straight staircase to suit your property. Here are three tips to consider when opting for a traditional straight staircase in your home.

Consider Your Space

One of the most critical factors to recognise when it comes to choosing the correct staircase for your home is its space. Regardless of style, you will likely want a stair that makes good use of its location in the property, and it’s for this reason that more people are now choosing compact spiral or double-winder styles.

This is something we outlined in our recent blog about what to remember when buying stairs – while spiral staircases may suit a compact stairwell, straight stairs can facilitate a plethora of space-saving features also. Ideally suited for a rectangular space in the home, by adding curves into a straight design you can get a mix of advantages, allowing you to have the benefits and style of a traditional stair while also having the popular sleek design, which brings us onto the next point.

Consider Your Style

If you are creating a new staircase from scratch with the help of bespoke staircase manufacturers, then you have a unique opportunity to build a staircase perfect for the décor of your home. Instead of trying to hide your stairs you should look to create a design that compliments the feel of the room, which will likely be different in every scenario. An open-planned living space may suit a minimalist straight stair that allows plenty of room for travel along and underneath it, while a straight stair in the hallway may look to be a statement piece, grabbing the attention of everyone that walks through or past it.

However, it is essential to consider the longevity of your staircase compared to the speed of trends. With the help of a professional, experienced team, you will be able to get to the core of your home’s style, allowing you to create a straight staircase that not only suits your house today, but will continue to do so for many years, and décors, to come.

A floating zigzag wooden staircase in solid Wenge by WoodenStairs


Statement and Function

One of the most important things to remember whenever you are designing a new staircase is that it must not just look good but must also serve its role in the property. It is likely that your new staircase will get an incredible amount of use every single day. There is also a chance that a range of different people will be using it, each with different needs. Your straight staircase must be able to satisfy everyone's requirements.

Often straight stairs are much more comfortable for multiple people to traverse, making them a popular option in busy homes, such as those used by large families. However, your space and distance between floors may require a curve, or possibly even a U-turn featuring a landing in the middle. With small kids, there may be a need for a stairgate or extra protection along the balustrades, while older members of the family may need additional supports to make traversing easier. These are all things that need to be considered, and while you should never have to sacrifice the style suitable for your home, you will find yourself much happier in the long term having made sure the stairs are perfect for everyone who uses them.

A white oak straight staircase with a twist by WoodenStairs


Straight stairs are a timeless option still opted for in many homes. Hopefully this small guide will help you make the right decisions when it comes to creating a new straight staircase for your property. If you would like further professional help to achieve the stairs of your dreams, get in contact with our team today and see what we could do with your space.

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