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How to Decorate Your Stairs

01 March 2019

Though stairs are a way to get from A to B, they shouldn’t be overlooked as a way to express your personal taste and inject some style into your home. Whether you create a mini gallery up the stairs, add an eye-catching runner or have a bold wallpaper, there is always something you can do to add to your staircase.


The walls by the stairs often offer a good deal of space for hanging larger paintings you may have. Why not get pictures out of storage or purchase some new to make the staircase the place to display your favourite art? If the paintwork follows a colour scheme, stick to this, or try something bold and contrasting.

Photo Gallery

Instead of paintings being displayed along the wall, you may want to opt for a photo gallery. Collect your favourite photos of family and friends you have not found a space for and put them in different sized, shaped and coloured photo frames for an eclectic and eye-catching gallery to run up the stairs. Guests will not only be admiring your new staircase but the fun photos on display.


If the design of your stairs is minimal and straightforward, you may want to keep this style for how you decorate the staircase. Keeping to few and soft colours, adding a single handrail can make your stairs stand out with minimal effort. 


Along the same lines as minimalistic style, if the staircase you have is bare wood or rustic, sticking to neutral tones will help to emphasise this. Using whites, creams, browns and similar hues gives a clean look and helps keep the natural feeling the wooden stairs offer.

Patterned Wallpaper

The staircase is usually a smaller space and can be brightened up with patterned wallpaper. A simple pattern in bright colours can make the area appear bigger, and the stairs feel brighter. For larger staircases, a bolder wallpaper might be suitable and can add an attractive appearance to an often-forgotten space.


Why not lay down a runner to add pattern to the steps? A runner adds a sense of timelessness to the stairs and can perfectly complement a wooden staircase. There are several designs and patterns to choose for, or you can opt for a simple single colour to match the walls and flooring. A runner also serves a practical purpose, offering protection to the stairs against scuffs.

Added Height

For smaller homes and low ceilings, you can add an illusion of height with the bannisters; tall rails close together that extend all the way to the ceiling. Make the handrail a contrasting colour or material to that of the stairs too, to add a striking look.

Themed Paintwork

Painting your home is a big step for any homeowner and deciding on the colours is important as it adds a personal and pleasing touch to your home. The stairs, hallways and landings shouldn’t be forgotten, and in the smaller space, you can be creative with the theme. This could be anything you prefer from a nautical vibe to summer colours. The theme could be extended from just the paintwork to artwork you hang or ornaments on any shelving space.

If you are looking to redesign your staircase or add bespoke curved stairs to your home, contact us today for more information on how we can help achieve this. In the meantime, why not take a look at some of the previous blog posts for design inspiration for your stairs or handrail?


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