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How to Achieve an Imperial Staircase for the Home

25 February 2019

An imperial staircase is a name for a staircase with divided flights; the first flight usually goes to a half landing, then divides into two symmetrical flights rising with an equal number of steps to the next floor and separate destinations. Other names for an imperial staircase are a split staircase, grand staircase and bifurcated stairs. Well-known examples of grand imperial staircases can be seen in Buckingham Palace and the Winter Palace in St Petersburg.

An imperial staircase shouldn’t be confused with a double staircase, which is two separate flights leading to the same destination. Though an imperial or double staircase sounds extravagant for your home, they are eye-catching features and also form a practical use for different types of houses.

Split Stairs to an Extension

If you have an extension built on the side of your house, you may have to add imperials stairs, so you have access to the second level. Though extensions are common features on homes, you may forget about the stairs during the planning stages. Be sure you have planned out where the stairs will be going; you may even have to move them or add in an extra flight to turn them into an imperial staircase.

In addition to planning where the stairs will be, you also need to think about the materials you will use. Matching the materials to the existing staircase and décor of the house is important, as you want a consistent aesthetic throughout the home.

Imperial Stairs in Large House or Building

An imperial staircase does not look out of place in a spacious home and can actually create a statement look. For spacious dwellings, using the space wisely is often the biggest concern, and you won’t want to waste space or have no need for extra space. Installing an imperial staircase is a great way to use the space and make an impression in the home.

You may not be looking to have an imperial staircase in a private dwelling, but for a public building. Split stairs are commonly seen in public buildings, as the wider flight at the bottom which divides into two narrower flights offers an open and welcoming design to an entrance.

For Split Level Homes

Modern homes with split levels will often have a need for an imperial staircase, so there is easy access to both levels. Separate staircases to each level or side of the house take up space. Though split level houses are more commonly seen in North America, several modern homes in Britain follow this design, as it separates parts of the house clearly. As well as split level, modern houses with two ‘sides’ that do not connect via a landing or hallway on the upper level can be connected by installing a split staircase to both sides.

It should be noted that imperial staircases are typically more expensive than other designs, as they use more space and are technically harder to design and install for a home. However, if your heart is set on the style, and you know it will perfectly suit your home, why not talk to us today about how we can help with your vision? Take a look through our gallery for previous bespoke staircases UK we have designed and created.

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