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Home Décor Ideas for Autumn

09 October 2018

Another summer has come and gone, along with its seasonal trends. The arrival of autumn calls for an update to home aesthetics, in order to achieve a more fitting look suitable for the cooler months to come. Some summer trends go on, whereas others make way for autumn additions.

Read on to learn our suggestions for home décor for this season, to help you achieve an autumnal theme in your home.


One simple, yet brilliant way to add an autumnal impression around your home is with appropriate accessories. This is as easy as it sounds, simply decorating your home with items that are themed around season will achieve more synergy with the outdoors and seasonal colours. You can achieve this in multiple ways, for example, adding little pumpkins or autumn leaves to your dining table arrangements or hanging autumn themed pictures on the walls of your house stairs; this often neglected area looks fantastic when decorated with a mini staircase gallery, and can be altered appropriately depending on the season.

Replacing summer accessories for pieces linked to autumn themes is a great way to add subtle hints of the season around your home. These little upgrades can be made in a cost-effective manner (e.g. by using last year’s autumn decorations), or with a little more investment – depending on your budget. Small changes can bring a great impact on the overall style and indoor décor for your rooms.

Also, handcrafted items are a cost-effective and stylish option when it comes to adding autumn themed accessories; with knitted items looking particularly interesting! While learning how to knit isn’t easy; there are numerous free online tutorials that can help!


Earthy tones are a great way to contribute toward an autumn feel around your home, straying toward the warmer end of the palette. Colours such as orange, rich greens and browns are most popular this season, and as they come in a variety of hues, you can easily choose a pop of colour in your preferred shade. This method can be applied in multiple ways; whether you go big by painting a feature wall or adding appropriate coloured furniture. Alternatively, you can do this on a smaller scale, with rugs, pillows and autumn themed accessories and ornaments. An autumn colour scheme accompanied by neutral colours looks amazing and can add a deep autumnal impression to your home.


Rolling over from the décor trends for summer, adding texture is another way to contribute toward an autumnal feel in homes. This subtle, yet creative method can be done by keeping in mind the contrast in adjacent textures. For example, if your sofa is in smooth grey colour, try adding corduroy pillows in burnt orange or rust colour. With that said, try not to overcomplicate or busy the end product – too much colour or too much texture can achieve the opposite effect. Focus on minimalist, clean approach by adding pop-colours only sparingly. Another way of adding autumn themed textures is by using chunky knit items in the form of blankets or pillows; a perfect addition to lounges and bedrooms, adding a warm and cosy feel to the area. Additional suitable textures for this season include tasselled pieces, such as rugs and cushions, as well as rattan baskets for a suitable themed storage solution.

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What do you think of our home décor ideas for this autumn? Be sure to let us know, along with your autumn home décor concepts through our social channels!

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