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The Most Famous Staircases Ever

From the works of MC Escher to the stairs in Rocky, we take a look at the hidden meaning behind the world’s most recognisable staircases.

14 January 2019see more

Handrail Design Ideas for Your Stairs

Creating your very own staircase is always an exciting process, from the simple concept to watching it come to life in your home. Seeing people use it day-to-day will make your unique stairs feel like a pivotal landmark inside your property, so it's unsurprising that you want to make sure every detail matches your vision. There are many different design ideas for every part of your staircase, so if you are looking to create an eye-catching stair, it’s important to consider all the options ...

24 December 2018see more

Tips for Creating Statement Stairs

Stairs are a big part of the home, so celebrate that by helping them stand out! Here are some ideas to help you create focal point staircases.

20 December 2018see more

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